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Exploring the Ecological Frontiers: A Tour of the Field Ecological Laboratory at the IIRS

Forest and Ecology Department Forest And Ecology Department

G.E. Hutchinson, a renowned ecologist, once remarked, "Field ecology labs are essential for budding ecologists. The lessons learned in a field ecology lab stay with students or young researchers forever. It is where they develop their critical thinking skills, observation prowess, and problem-solving abilities essential for any aspiring ecologist." This…


Understanding The El Niño Effect and its impact in India

Dr. Harish Karnatak Dr. Harish Karnatak

El Niño is a buzzword in year 2024 which is a climatic phenomenon characterized by the periodic warming of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, leading to substantial global changes observed in weather patterns. Due to El Niño effect in year 2024, the scorching heat is observed in various…


Understanding Forest Fire Dynamics using Short Wave Infrared

Kamal Pandey Kamal Pandey

A study is carried out to identify the active forest fire in Uttarakahd state during April-May, 2024 using satellite images. A satellite image captures the response of the electromagnetic spectrum by various land features.  The spectral signature of forest fire spectral indicates that it has the highest reflectance in the…


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